Parts For Pets

Pet-friendly Padded Cargo Liner

We are brother and sister, and we love when our human takes us on adventures in his Subaru Forester! The Pet-friendly Padded Cargo Liner is so comfortable for us to lay on when we go camping! It also helps prevents out hair from going into the cargo area and getting stuck in the seatback, which is great because he tells us we shed like crazy! We absolutely woof (love) it!

Pet Carrier and Mobile Pet Bed

Hi! I'm attached to my human and I like to go everywhere with her to make sure she's safe, but sometimes I can't go on all the adventures because I am so small (I'm only 8 lbs) she gets worried I won't be safe in the car. Ever since my human bought the Subaru Pet Carrier and Mobile Pet Bed, I GO ON ALL THE ADVENTURES! It is so comfortable and keeps me secure in the backseat of the Subaru! I LOVE this new accessory and I'm going to suggest this to all my small dog and cat friends!

Pet Harness

My human takes me for rides in her Subaru Crosstrek all the time, but sometimes I get scared! So, she bought me the new Subaru Pet Harness, which is crash-tested and certified by the Center fo Pet Safety. It makes me feel so safe when she buckles me in! Oh, I almost forgot, when we get out of the Subaru, she uses the Pet Harness on all our walks too, it's so convenient! I'm PAWsitive every dog will love with Subaru Pet Harness!

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